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The SFSBN offers programs, activities, and events that empower the small business community, including: Advocacy on behalf of small businesses at the local, state, and national levels; educational seminars; media interaction, quarterly newsletter, fax and e-mail communications; and Internet services.

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Job Network
The Job Network is a bold and innovative collaboration to provide jobs in SBN-affiliated small businesses for people transitioning from welfare to work. The Job Network provides valuable on-the-job support for both the employee and the employer for up to one year.

Working in close partnership with Juma Ventures, a nonprofit organizaiton that provides work readiness training, placement and retention services for low-income individuals, the SBN formed the Job Network to provide welfare recipients and low-income individuals with entry-level jobs in small businesses.

Small businesses can provide the employment opportunities for individuals moving from welfare to work, but they need help in supporting the transition. The Job Network assesses a job-seeker's level of job readiness. Individuals who are ready for immediate placement go through a tow-to-four-day orientation, called the Fast Track.

Individuals who require more in-depth training are assigned to the Job Prep Track where they meet daily for five weeks to develop soft skills such as promptness and reliability.

Job retention services, the focus of the program, begin immediately upon placement. A Workplkace Specialist maintains a relationship with the employee and the employer for up to a year after placement. The Workplace Specialist's responsibility is to assess job performance, act as a coach and provide crisis intervention, if needed.

SBN members may be eligible for wage subsidies during a more in-depth support and training period and before hiring the individual as a permanent employee.


Healthy Families
You can help your employees get health insurance for their children at no cost to you. California’s new Health Insurance Program for Children provides uninsured children in low-income working families with the benefits of health, dental and vision coverage.

If you have employees who qualify as a "low-income working family" and whose children are not covered by health insurance, you can help them gain important coverage. Funded by the State of California, the Health Insurance Program for Children provides low cost health, dental and vision benefits from a choice of health plans.

Children, ages one through 18, whose annual family income ranges from $13,330 to $26,660 may be eligible. The family pays a monthly premium as low as $4 to a high of $27 depending on the age and number of children. A $5 co-payment is levied for health services; however, preventative care such as immunizaitons and screenings, are free.

Experience teaches us that when employees' children are healthy, productivity increases and absentee rates drop significantly. By providing the information, application forms and prompt verification of income, you will secure your employees' loyalty and gratitude, valuable commodities for any business.

For additional information and application forms, refer to the contact information below or simply click on the link.
Phone : (888) 747-1222


Bad Check Enforcement

The District Attorney’s office can help recover bad check losses through the Bad Check Enforcement Program. The program can track down bad check writers, return the money to the victims, and deter future offenses through a diversion program and possible criminal prosecution, at no cost to the merchant.

If bad checks are impeding your cash flow, the SBN offers help. The Bad Check Enforcement Program, conceived by the SBN and administered by the San Francisco District Attorney's office, has returned more than $2 million to merchants since its founding in 1993. Costs for the program are borne entirely by the bad check writers with no cost to business owners. With a 45 percent recovery rate, there is a good chance that bad checks in your till, that you thought were uncollectible, can be redeemed.

Any person who receives a bad check passed within the county of San Francisco may take advantage of the Bad Check Enforcement Program. The victim must submit a Bad Check Report to the District Attorney's office within 90 days. The check must be below $10,000. If the check is declared by the bank "Non-Sufficient Funds", it must be resubmitted once more. If the check is declared "Account Closed", it need be submitted only once to the bank before referring it to the Bad Check Enforcement Program.

Certain restrictions apply. For more information, please contact the District Attorney's office directly.
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